If you are in the central New Jersey Area and are in need of a reliable car carrier you have come to the right place. If you are in the auto industry and need someone you can trust to ship new or used vehicles from the manufacturer to the dealership you can rely on our trained professionals to make sure that the cars arrive in the condition that they left.

Car Carrier

We provide commercial car carrier trailers with single and double decker designs to deliver shipments of any size. Unlike our flatbed tow trucks our car carriers are equipped to load and unload running vehicles. With the trailer hydraulics, the slope of the loading ramp can be adjusted to drive the vehicles onto the car carrier. Never fear, even if the vehicle you are planning to transport isn’t up and running you can utilize our flatbed trailers to get the job done.

At Accurate Towing we have a fleet of trucks and equipment including landolls, lowboys, tow trucks, flattened trailers, sliding axle trailers, and (you guessed it) car carriers to mold our services around your needs. Whenever you are in need of a reliable long distance heavy hauling service you know who to call!

If you are in need of a free quote on a car carrier in Ocean, Monmouth, or Middlesex County contact us today!