Whether you are a construction company, industrial company or other commercial company chances are you need to transport heavy equipment to job sites. Here at Accurate Towing Service we offer the perfect solution to moving bigger, taller and/or heavier items with our lowboy service. Dump trucks, boats, box trucks, buses, building materials and other construction materials and equipment are not too big for our lowboy shipping service. With our affordable rates and high-quality heavy hauling service, you can feel secure knowing that your equipment will be moved safely and securely with our lowboy transport services.

The Best Choice for Lowboy Shipping Services in New Jersey

Here at Accurate Towing Service we understand just how important it is to trust a lowboy shipping company for transporting large items. We make sure we don’t take any shortcuts when providing our heavy hauling services. After you get your free quote, we provide the best professional service from start to the finish. Here are some of the benefits we offer with our lowboy service:

  • Specialized lowboy transport services that can accommodate a wide variety of heavy machinery
  • Low profile trailer for easy loading and unloading so you won’t need to dismantle and reassemble your equipment
  • All of our lowboy carriers are able to pick up and drop off your vehicle and/or equipment in almost any location
  • Quickly unload & load machinery/vehicles so you can get back to business
  • Your equipment/machinery is protected against damages from delivery mishaps under our insurance policy

Accurate Towing Service is an experienced, reliable New Jersey lowboy transport services specialist that can handle your heavy equipment shipping with care. We offer full lowboy shipping service for all commercial and industrial relocation. This gives you a professional solution you can trust.

Give us a call or email us to request a free lowboy transport quote today. Speak to a live representative 24/7  by calling  732-349-6439

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