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I wanted to thank you guys for your kindness and incredible service. Your team responded to my call promptly and was over within 15 minutes to have my car towed. I was really upset by the whole situation as I was on my way to an important event. However, your tow truck operators were very supportive and cracked jokes to cheer me up. So aside from their friendly attitude, they were also very professional. Please pass along my gratitude to all of them. I will definitely call you in the future if I ever need to and will recommend your services.

-Mary Rifkin, Toms River, New Jersey

I’m sending you this email as I’m so very thankful for your help the other day when I got stuck with a dead car battery. At first I thought it just needed a quick charge and got someone who passed by to try and charge it for me. But I soon realized that the entire battery was done and needed replacement. I’m so glad I got your phone number and called you up. I didn’t have to wait a long time and someone was over in few minutes. Please let your team know how much I appreciate the service.

-R. Poppe, Jackson, New Jersey

I’m writing you this thank you letter on behalf of me and the rest of the family. We’d like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding service and for taking the time and effort to help us on Christmas Eve. First of all, you were the only towing company available on Christmas Eve which shows just how dedicated you are. Instead of spending time with your families on this special holiday, you guys left everything as soon as your dispatcher called you up and came to assist us. This was truly a Christmas miracle to us which will never be forgotten. You rescued us from having to spend the holiday in the car and helped us get home just in time. If it wasn’t for you, the kids would have been very disappointed.Thank you so much.

-Rafael Sintoro, Lakewood New Jersey

On Sunday my truck broke down in the middle of the highway and you were quick to send over an amazing crew of tow truck operators. I’m glad I called your company I don’t think any other company would have responded so promptly. I will put in a good word for you guys to anyone in need of professional towing. Thanks!

-Erica Downs, Seaside Park New Jersey

I was so embarrassed when I got my boyfriend’s car stuck propped up on the curb in Freehold. I didn’t want to call him up and make a fuss and decided to deal with it on my own. I hesitated before I made the call to Accurate Towing, because I thought I’d be made fun of, but thankfully your tow truck operator was very understanding and made me feel better. He said these things happen all the time and it wasn’t my fault, and also did a great job, it literally took him 3 minutes to get the car off the curb. He also checked and reassured me that no damage was done to the vehicle. I now have your phone number saved on my cell, just in case. Thanks!!

-Ashley Seymour, Howell New Jersey

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