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Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Tow Truck Companies

Unfortunately, tow truck companies often receive a bad rap. People usually consider them the party to blame for their car getting towed or booted for illegal parking. This is the main source of the negativity surrounding tow truck companies but there are other misconceptions that unfairly mar their reputation. This is especially problematic because they provide an invaluable service that people constantly utilize during emergencies. These misconceptions can even make someone think twice about calling a tow truck when they really need them.

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This is a common claim that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although tow truck services are more expensive than calling a taxi, the word ‘overpriced’ completely ignores the high cost of tow truck operation. Towing fees are used to cover many expenses that the average customer doesn’t consider. Tow trucks are expensive vehicles to fuel, operate, and maintain. The pricing also takes into account the distance traveled and the difficulty of the vehicle recovery, as well as the risk involved. This being said, the prices are far from exorbitant and can save you from the risks of trying to tow a car without a professional.

Towing Is The Only Service Offered

Another misconception that hurts the reputations of tow truck companies is that towing is the only service they offer. This idea leads to people only associating tow trucks with having your car towed because of parking or an accident – this not a very positive association. Towing companies offer a myriad of helpful services to get you out of a jam. These include changing tires, jump starting vehicles and helping someone who is locked out of their car. When you have your car jump started in the middle of a cold night, you will have a much more positive perception of tow truck companies than someone getting towed for illegal parking.

Towing Isn’t Available In Rural Locations

Some people think that if they are too far out in a rural area, they don’t have any chance of getting a tow truck. This is probably due to countless movie scenes of someone stranded out in the middle of nowhere. In reality, there are towing companies in most rural areas that can help you get on your way as quickly as possible. In today’s world, there are very few, if any, places where you can actually get ‘stranded’ on the side of the road.

Tow Trucks Take Forever To Show Up

Another misconception of tow truck companies is that they always take a long time to get to your location. However, most tow trucks will arrive in as soon as 30 minutes from your phone call and very rarely take over an hour. The only situations that could lead to longer wait times are when weather conditions make the roads hazardous or you are broken down in a very remote area. Otherwise, you should receive assistance in no time.

towing service nj

Trusted Tow Truck Companies

If you require any type of towing service, it’s best to go with a reputable and experienced towing company. At Accurate Towing Service, our team is comprised of top experts in towing, hauling, repair and recovery. Whether you need a car or a tanker truck towed or repaired our nationally trained and certified experts can handle all of your towing or heavy hauling needs. With multiple locations, we can provide the fastest and most reliable emergency towing service in Central Jersey as well as heavy hauling services throughout New Jersey. Remember to always keep our phone number in all of your vehicles in case of an accident and contact us for all your towing needs.