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How Regular Car Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Towing Recovery

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to health problems, prevention is the best medicine. The same holds true for your car! Not only does regular car maintenance help you avoid far more costly repairs down the line but it can help prevent serious problems on the road as well. Take a look at these…
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What To Know Before Your First Tow Truck Service

There are a couple main reasons that you would be getting your car towed. You either parked illegally or your car broke down. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prepare for getting towed because you parked illegally. You just have to go to the impound lot, pay your fees, and get your car back. However, there…
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Heavy Hauling: The History of the Tow Truck Industry

Bulky, heavy duty trucks. That is most likely the picture that comes to mind when you think of a heavy hauling tow truck. Though this is what they are today, the tow truck did not start out as a huge piece of moving machinery.The tow truck actually has a more luxurious history than you would…
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Choosing a Towing Service in Bayville NJ

When you are in need of a tow, it is usually the ending result of an unfortunate event. The vehicle can be un-driveable due to a failing starter, alternator, radiator, or a number of other reasons. When the car has been involved in an accident, we hope everyone involved is in stable condition, but the…
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