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3 Steps to Handling A Car Accident in Seaside Heights, NJ

Summer traffic heading to the coast in New Jersey can be unbearable. Horns are beeping, angry drivers are weaving, and people are desperate to get to the beach faster than the car next to them. Seaside Heights is one of these prime vacation spots for people from New Jersey, New York, and all over the country. It’s crowded, it’s congested, and not only can parking be an issue, but simply getting there can be hard work. With heavy traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, car accidents are bound to happen and unfortunately, on the highway, accidents often involve multiple cars. So, what are the steps that need to be taken immediately following a multi-car accident?

Call the Police

towing seaside heights nj

Despite the occasional onset of shock following a car accident, instincts usually kick in to jump start a reaction to the incident. As long as drivers are still mobile and not badly harmed, it is customary on a busy highway in Seaside Heights, NJ to first try and move the damaged vehicles off to the nearest shoulder. From then, again as long as 911 does not need to be called, the police are called to file a report, to check the damage, and to manage the flow of traffic surrounding the accident.

Unfortunately an accident, even without injuries, can be a long, drawn out process. It’s important to plan for these types of situations before they happen. Be aware of where your license and registration is in your car, have your insurance card on hand always, and even plan ahead of time who you want responsible for the heavy towing of your car.

 Stay Calm and Snap Evidence Shots

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Planning ahead of time can dramatically ease the stress of a motor vehicle accident. Try your best to remain calm by taking deep breaths, attempting to put the situation into perspective, and again ensuring the safety of the other drivers after calling the police. It is also helpful to snap some pictures of the immediate damage to your car for insurance purposes. Now onto resolving the situation. As previously mentioned, planning ahead of time who will handle the heavy towing of your car/multiple cars is a smart proactive step to take. Knowing how your insurance handles towing is also important.

 Towing Process

As you take your deep breaths and wait for the police to arrive, if there’s time to call your insurance company to report the accident, it is wise to do so. In some cases, your insurance will call for towing for you and may even handle the costs. This is the type of information that is valuable to know prior to an accident, so you can save yourself some steps during this stressful situation.

In other instances, usually when many cars are involved in a highway accident, the police may be in charge of sending for a heavy towing company.

So following the communication with the police and the insurance company, it can be determined whether the driver(s) need to contact a company for a heavy towing car carrier. These come in different designs and sizes, some being multi-level to accommodate a multi-car accident. Sometimes instead of car carriers, flatbeds can also be used for heavy towing. These vehicles specialize in transporting antique cars and also cars that may have been succumbed to vast damage.

To allow the towing of your car Seaside Heights, New Jersey it is important to be able to provide the towing company with information about your car, an address to where the vehicle should be taken to, and how the service will be paid.

Car accidents are never fun, especially when you’re on the way to the beach in Seaside Heights, NJ, but having a plan and knowing who to call when it comes to heavy towing in NJ can make the process a lot easier. Contact us at Accurate Towing today for any of your towing, hauling, or vehicle repair needs!