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heavy towing in NJ

Where was my Car Towed in Toms River, NJ?

Your car was parked innocently enough in the center of town. Or maybe it wasn’t as innocent as you thought. You had filled the parking meter but not correctly anticipated how long you’d be out with your friends. You got caught up in good food and good conversation and before you knew it, hours had gone by and your parking meter had definitely run out– hours ago.

Don’t be so sure that the parking attendee will not write you a ticket. In Toms River, NJ, just like so many other areas of New Jersey, parking is very limited considering the dense population. Paying for parking maintains the health of the city and ensures that everyone gets an equal chance at a spot. If everyone were to leave their cars parked in a restaurant parking lot overnight, there wouldn’t be room for newer, incoming customers. So the next time you get a little frustrated about having to pay for parking or for getting a parking ticket, remember that you’re being a considerate and honorable citizen.

Only a Tow!

Heavy towing in NJ can go one of two ways — your car may have been impounded or simply moved to another parking spot. When you go to your parking spot only to find that your car is no longer there, the first step is to call the Toms River police department. Be sure to identify that this is not an emergency. They should be able to give you whereabouts on which towing company was called, and where your car may be. In some cases once you talk to the towing company, your car may only have been moved to another spot in Toms River. Perhaps it was moved to a parking spot somewhere a bit further that doesn’t require payment. You’re in luck then! You will need to pay the towing fee, but thank your lucky stars your car was not taken to the impound lot.

heavy towing in NJ

Off to the Impound Lot

Having your car impounded is a bit more of a day ruiner, but without a doubt can still be dealt with. To have your car impounded, usually a driver has to have committed more offenses than a simple parking violation. Heavy towing in NJ all the way to the impound lot is usually due to suspicion of a serious crime, moving violations, or the fact that multiples fines have been left unpaid. It is much more serious and similarly much more expensive. Similar to when you get pulled over by the police, you will need to show the impound lot your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration.

Although the process is daunting and dealing with expense and legal issues is not always fun, it’s important to act quickly in this situation. The impound lot keeps cars for a specific length of time before the cars are auctioned. This is in an effort not only for the impound lot to make money, but to keep their lot open and available for other cars that need to be towed. Do your best to stay patient, as sometimes impound lots can have long lines full of stressed vehicle owners. Make the process as easy as you can on yourself and on the people helping you.

heavy towing in NJ

Getting your car towed is not fun, but it happens to the best of us. So the next time your car gets towed in Toms River, NJ remember to stay calm. You will find your car. Contact us at Accurate Towing today for any of your towing or hauling needs, and for pleasant service in accessing your towed car.