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What Happens After Heavy Towing in NJ?

Your truck has broken down on the side of the highway on your way to a very important delivery. Not a great way to start a Monday morning. But experiencing an incident like this doesn’t have to wreck your whole week or even your whole day. Calling the right company for heavy towing in NJ can make all the difference in situations like this.

Depending on the severity of your situation, a tow company may be able to make a quick fix on the spot, without even requiring a tow. Maybe it was just a flat tire that they can help you change for example. Or maybe your truck needs to be jumped with cables.

The Towing Process

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case when it comes to a breakdown with a truck. If the technician cannot quickly diagnose the issue or is failing to start your truck, the truck will be towed either to the nearest mechanic or back to the tow shop if they are versed in certain truck repair issues. An experienced technician will be able to get your truck hooked up and ready to be towed in as little as 30 seconds. Tire and wheel lifts are used, along with brackets that wrap around the front driving wheels. The power of a tow truck comes from hydraulics, which uses fluids and cylinders to supply the force to lift your car or truck.

heavy towing in NJ


Companies in charge of heavy towing in NJ will also be responsible for retrieving trucks who have gotten stuck somewhere. Whether it’s in the mud or the snow, a successful tow truck company will be able to get to you quickly and get you out of any sort of mess you happen to be in.


As previously mentioned, some heavy towing companies in NJ will have the capabilities to not only tow, but to diagnose and repair certain issues once a truck is back at their shop. Here are some of the following repair and preventative services that may be offered from your local towing company:

  • Oil changes
  • Air filter replacements
  • Wheel alignments
  • Addressing check engine lights
  • Fuel filter replacements
  • Replacing Tires
  • Brake Repair

heavy towing in NJ

Thus, your heavy towing company in NJ can become your one stop shop after an accident, a road call, or even a recovery instance. Some tow companies will even service entire fleets of trucks, whether they have been towed or not. So, when looking for a good place to have the oil changed on all of your trucks or semis, do your research on tow truck companies in the area.

Taking care of preventative services like replacing tires or brake pads, can save the time, effort, money, and angst of having to ever get your car towed. So maybe post towing, you can ask a technician to take a look at the rest of your car or truck as well to see where other maintenance may be needed. Being proactive about your vehicle is always superior to being reactive. It can prevent these stressful times on the side of the highway.

It’s smart to know ahead of time who you will call for heavy towing in NJ. Don’t wait until you’re stranded on the side of the highway to decide who you will call in the time of emergency. Contact us today at Accurate Towing to learn about our services, or to receive a tow today! We pride ourselves on communicating clearly and effectively with all of our customers so you are fully aware of all procedures taken when it comes to the safety and functioning of your vehicle. And we’ll get you back on the road in no time!