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4 Reasons You May Need Heavy Towing for Your Car

Your automobile is bound to run into issues, whether it be the brakes or the engine, cars simply are not meant to last forever. Taking your car in for regular maintenance can be a great, preventative way to avoid some usual, minor replacements and repairs. However, it’s smart to always be somewhat aware of the working of your car yourself, or at least the basics of how to react in certain car situations.

For example, you’re driving down the road and your car suddenly stops running. You pull off to the shoulder. Have you planned who you will call for heavy towing of your vehicle? Have you any idea what may be the issue with your call? Do you feel prepared to relay this information to the towing company? See! There’s a decent amount of things to think about! So get thinking ahead of time. What may be some potential reasons you car needs to be towed?

Dead Battery

You head out to the parking lot after doing some light grocery shopping. You turn the key over. You turn it over again. And nothing. You car won’t start. A good guess would be that your battery is dead. If you don’t have jumper cables in your car, call a towing company. They will bring jumper cables in the event that they can start your car. However, if the battery is truly dead you may simply need your car towed back to a shop for a battery replacement.

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The temperature gauge next to the speedometer on your dashboard can be your best friend in certain situations. It’s an important thing to take notice of in many different instances. For example, in the dead of winter it’s good for your car to get its temperature up a bit before you start driving and this gauge can give you a good idea of the temperature. The gauge can also be very important when it comes to your car overheating. If the temperature gauge has risen very close to the HOT mark, or your car begins to smoke from under the front hood, it’s time to stop driving. Continuing to drive could be very dangerous to your vehicle, as it is desperately trying to give you a sign to stop. So, in cases of overheating give your local tow company a call for heavy towing of your vehicle.

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Faulty Alternator

There can be many signs that your alternator is failing, so try your best to predict its failure before your car dies in the middle of a drive. For one, you may hear funny noises or smell unusual smells. There may also be flickering or dimming of your headlights if your alternator is failing. Your alternator helps provide life to your battery, so without its functioning, your car will likely be due for some heavy towing.

Car Accident

Depending on the severity of an accident, it may be possible you need your car towed. This is in extreme situations where the car is completely undriveable. It’s likely that many cars were involved at top speeds for this severe of damage to be caused. In cases such as these there will likely be a million things on your mind from personal safety to insurance calls and police reports, so knowing what towing company to call ahead of time is key.

It’s important to plan ahead as to who you will call when any of the above situations potentially happen to your vehicle. Contact us at Accurate Towing Service. We’re a company who you can trust, who is reliable, and who will get to you as fast as we can.