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Handling a Mechanical Breakdown or Car Accident in NJ

It is important to know how to handle a mechanical breakdown or car accident in New Jersey. Read on for some helpful tips that will keep you safe in the event either one of these takes place.

First, do not panic. If it is safe to do so, pull over to the shoulder safely. If you are on a highway like New Jersey’s garden state parkway remain in your car with your seatbelt on. Call for help whether it be friend or family, emergency services or Accurate Towing Services. If you are in a safe location and can assess the situation, do so safely while always keeping your eyes towards oncoming traffic. If your car has overheated, then you should not attempt to open the radiator cap or overflow bottle top. The sealed system could be under pressure and release steam that is very dangerous and can harm you. If you have a blow out, try to move to a location that will allow the safe (level surface, no soft shoulder) removal and installation of a spare. Try to stay on the off traffic side of your vehicle at all times. If you were involved in an accident and it was safe to pull over to the shoulder, do so carefully and with all of your signals on. Once on the shoulder, call the appropriate help, and if safe to do so exchange information with the other party. Again, if safe to do so! If at anytime you feel at risk or threatened call 911. If you have to move about outside of your vehicle, try to avoid walking in between the other vehicles and NEVER cross the lanes of traffic. Once the Public Agency or Accurate Towing Services has arrived, listen to the professional on the scene as their first concern is YOUR safety.