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Your Car has been Towed in Asbury Park New Jersey. Now What?

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Hopefully you will never need the information in today’s post. Many car owners have never been towed, and many will never be towed. When it happens, however, getting towed in Absury Park can be a bit of a shock. Here are the ins and outs of life in the impound lot:

Getting Towed does not Necessarily Mean an Impound

You go to find your car and it’s not there. Gulp. You’re thinking possible tow. The first thing to remember is, you may not need to rush off to the impound lot. For some business owners, apartment complex managers and others, the objective is not to inflict as much pain as possible on the driver of an illegally parked vehicle; rather, they just want their space back. As a result, a towing company may have been asked to simply move the vehicle from its illegal spot, to a nearby legal parking space.

Sure, you will need to pay the towing fee per Asbury Park, but your car may be located just around the corner, and the ‘ordeal’ of a tow may turn out to be just a minor blip in your day.

You can locate your towed vehicle by calling the Asbury Park Police Non-Emergency line at 732.774.1300 (24 hours). Press 0 when you hear the recorded message, and you will reach an operator who can look up your car’s location.

‘I’ is for Impound

Okay, now for the (relatively) bad news. If your car has been towed, it might have been impounded – typically in the case of previous unpaid tickets or fines. If you fall into this category, your car has been towed to the city’s impound lot. While ‘ordeal’ may still be too strong a word for what comes next, it is a bit more involved, as follows:

You’ll need some documentation to retrieve your vehicle in Asbury Park. This includes:

A valid Driver’s License or Identification.
Proof of Insurance.
Current Registered Owner Identification or Title.
Payment (Cash. No personal checks.). The fees will vary by company.