Towing in Bordentown NJ

So you’ve been towed in Bordentown; now what?

You step out of a store in Bordentown. You walk down the block to where you parked your car. It’s not there. You figure you must have parked it elsewhere. You walk around for a while, frantically pressing the ‘Panic’ button on your key fob. After a few minutes you’re forced to accept it; you’ve been towed.

How do I get my car back?

Having your car towed in Bordentown is not the end of the world; but it can be a hassle. The first thing to remember is that not all cars towed in Bordentown go to the impound lot. Often, business owners who call on a towing service to have an illegally parked vehicle towed simply want their space back. Causing you financial hardship is not the goal. In such cases, your car may be located right around the corner and you will only have to pay the towing fee. Simply call the non-emergency police line for Bordentown at (609) 298 – 0103 and they can tell where your car has been moved to.

They told me my car has been impounded…

A worst case scenario, but a possibility. In the case that your vehicle has been towed in Bordentown and brought to the impound lot, the process of getting it back becomes more involved and, sadly, more expensive.

How involved?

The first step is to call the Bordentown impound lot and confirm that your car is,in fact, there. Their number is (609) 298-0103. Next, you’ll have to get your documents in order. The impound lot will require a valid driver’s license or other government issued picture I.D. You will also need proof of insurance and vehicle registration or title. Keep in mind you will also need to have cash on hand to pay the impound fee, which will vary by towing company.


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