new jersey heavy hauling

New Jersey Heavy Hauling

What do you do if your car breaks down on the highway? You call a tow company, right?

But what do you do if your tractor trailer breaks down? Or your RV? Where do you turn if you need to have construction equipment brought to or from a work site? Who do you call when you need to get a classic, low-mile hot-rod delivered without running up the odometer?

You call a tow company, but not just any tow company. A tow company that only specializes in passenger vehicle towing won’t have the facilities to handle a heavy duty job. Towing larger vehicles and transporting heavy machinery requires specialized equipment and specially trained drivers. So you don’t just call a tow company; you call a tow company with the equipment, experience, and expertise to perform your heavy haul quickly, safely, and with the utmost care.

At Accurate Towing Service, we offer a wide suite of heavy hauling services, from machinery and equipment transport to car carrier services and everything in between. We provide service to all of North Jersey including Edison, Plainfield, South Plainfield, Wood Bridge, Piscataway, Elizabeth, Bayonne, and Newark.

New Jersey Heavy hauling services provided by Accurate Towing Service include:

Car Carriers:

Accurate Towing provides single and double decker car carriers for both auto dealers and private sellers. These carriers are specially designed to load and unload running vehicles without causing damage to the vehicle or stress to the suspension or steering linkages. From antiques to modern super cars, we make sure that your new or used car makes the journey from the lot to your driveway without a hitch.

new jersey heavy hauling

Flat Beds:

Our all-aluminum flat bed trailers are perfect for transporting medium sized construction vehicles and machinery. We conduct frequent inspections on all of our flatbeds and ensure that all of our drivers are fully trained; all in an effort to to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination without incident.

new jersey heavy hauling


Imagine a flat-bed pulled through a taffy machine and your pretty close to a landoll. Landolls are extra long flatbed trailers that are specially designed to handle larger, heavier loads and come equipped with special hydraulics, allowing the back end of the trailer to be placed directly on the ground. Landolls are perfect for transporting larger vehicle, like buses, or for moving heavy machinery and construction equipment.

nj heavy hauling


Our lowboys are the Clydesdales of our fleet; big, powerful, and capable of carrying the heaviest of loads. For heavy duty construction vehicles and equipment, our lowboys are the perfect transportation solution.

new jersey heavy hauling

Call Accurate Towing Service for all your heavy hauling needs. Our expertly trained drivers and equipment operators coupled with our wide selection of heavy hauling vehicles mean that whatever your heavy hauling needs, we have a solution to fit you perfectly!