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Towing Service in Bayville NJ

Choosing a Towing Service in Bayville NJ

When you are in need of a tow, it is usually the ending result of an unfortunate event. The vehicle can be un-driveable due to a failing starter, alternator, radiator, or a number of other reasons. When the car has been involved in an accident, we hope everyone involved is in stable condition, but the car may need to be transported away in order to be properly evaluated by an insurance claims adjuster. These are moments when the car needs the utmost care, and you’ll need to trust your towing service provider to treat your vehicle like it was their own.

Read the Reviews Carefully

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The basis of towing service is to transport the vehicle from point A to point B, and consumers often overlook leaving reviews when their vehicle is transported safely. If the vehicle was damaged in the towing process, the owner of the car is more likely to leave a negative review. If a driver has illegally parked or parked in a private lot, the parked car may be towed. This will infuriate the car’s owner and another negative review will most likely follow, once they find out which towing service was responsible.

When scoping out the reviews, don’t weigh your trust level too heavily on the number of stars given or the rating. Keep in mind that a mind that there are more reasons to leave a negative review that a positive review for any given towing agency. If you solely base your decision on selecting a towing service in Bayville NJ or any other New Jersey town on reviews given; remember to read the comments to verify poor reviews were given from individuals disgruntled with the towing reasoning and not the overall service that was given.

The Fleet

Depending on the size of your vehicle, and light-duty towing may not be able to transport your vehicle. Medium and heavy towing may be a better option for the vehicle to get towed, but does the towing service have the necessary fleet?

If you are in the business of construction and looking for an alternative to transporting the on-site equipment between jobs, not every towing service has the trucks suited for over-sized equipment and vehicles. Every towing service is different; confirm that not only do they cover the short distances between sites, but long distance transport is provided as well.

towing fleet

Reasonable Costs

When isn’t money and costs a factor in the decision-making process? When choosing a towing service in Bayville NJ, or in south jersey, ask for the estimate. Most services bill for the initial tow itself and a mileage rate. Once you have determined the destination point you will want the vehicle taken to, an estimate can be drawn up.

If you have the luxury of time on your side, you will be able to gather a couple of estimates. No customer will want to get “ripped off” by a towing service. If you are unable to get an estimate from a towing service, ask their rates and calculate the cost yourself. The GPS, Google Maps, or any mobile app with a map can tell the mileage that will need to be covered.

Accurate Towing prides itself on years of training and experience in expert recovery services providing our fast and reliable emergency recovery service to drivers in need. We are the first to mind when it comes to off-road recovery and emergency vehicle recovery in New Jersey. We are capable of handling your toughest jobs including overturned tractor trailers, tankers, dump trucks, equipment recovery, job site, off road and beach recovery. Whatever the case may be, we have a fleet of landolls, lowboys, flat beds, sliding axle trailers, car carriers, and tow trucks that are just a call away.