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Roadside Assistance | How To Make It To The Nearest Gas Station When Running on Empty

It happens to almost everyone. You are cruising down the road when, suddenly, your gas light comes on. Your destination is only a little bit further and you decide to just go for it. Sometimes, you get to your destination and other times, you aren’t so lucky and run out of gas. When it’s too late, you will need a reputable towing company to provide roadside assistance. However, there are a few ways to stretch out those last few miles when you have no other choice.

roadside assistance gas delivery

The Dreaded Gas Light

When your gas light comes on, you are already down to the wire and need to start thinking about fueling up. The gas light typically comes on when there are 30-50 miles left in the tank. This might seem like plenty of miles but they can run out fast.  This is especially true if you are on a major highway because there can be long stretches between gas stations. The moment the gas light turns on – start looking for the nearest station. In the day of smartphones, your best bet is to pull over on the side of the road and look up your closest option. Do not use your cellphone while driving, as you may find yourself on the side of the road for a much worse reason than running out of fuel.

Turn Off The Air Conditioning

If your gas light comes on and the next gas station is far away – it’s time to do what you can to save fuel. One way to do this is turning off the air conditioning or heater. Running the AC or heater in your car can reduce its fuel economy by as much as 25%. This might seem like a tall order in the dead of winter or the heat of summer but you will be out in those same exact conditions if your car runs out of gas. It’s better to deal with uncomfortable temperatures for a few minutes instead of waiting for roadside assistance.

Roll Up The Windows

This may be the last thing you want to hear after you turned off the air conditioning to save gas but rolling up the windows is another way you can improve your fuel economy. When your car is moving at high speeds, rolled down windows reduce the aerodynamics of your vehicle and create drag. However, if you are not moving very fast, rolled down windows won’t make much of a difference, so you don’t need to suffer in the heat if you are moving slowly.


When your vehicle faces any type of resistance, it will use more fuel. If you are going up hills, you will run out of gas sooner so try to take a downhill route to the gas station or remain on a flat road. Also, you want to reduce the number of stops you make as much as you can. Both stopping and accelerating often will drain your gas, so do everything in your power to coast into the gas station.

When It’s Too Late

If it’s just too late and you end up running out of gas, the most important step to take first is to move your car to the side of the road. When your car runs out of gas, safely coast to the shoulder and put your hazard lights on. Once you are in the shoulder, keep the hazards on and turn off the engine – it’s time to call for roadside assistance.

Avoiding Future Mistakes

The best way to avoid running out of gas in the future is by staying prepared. Always fill up your take before it goes below ¼ of a tank left. Also, keep an empty gas can in your trunk. This way, if you run out of gas only a few miles from a station, you can fill up the can and bring it back to your car. Since you already went through the pain of running out of gas, you should know just how far your car can make it with the gas light on. Use this information to never make the same mistake twice. Wherever you go on a long trip, keep an eye out for signs about the nearest gas station and keep a physical map of the area in case your phone dies or loses service. Otherwise, you may find yourself in desperate need of roadside assistance.

roadside assistance gas

Need Roadside Assistance?

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