Why Big Rig Drivers Need South Jersey Towing Services On Call

Why Big Rig Drivers Need South Jersey Towing Services On Call

For most drivers out on the road, calling a tow truck is something that doesn’t happen very often. However, those that drive commercial big rigs are typically out on the road for countless hours every week. Not only are they putting on more miles, but the big rigs they ride have more moving parts, meaning more potential parts to break down. For this reason, it’s essential that all commercial drivers have the phone number of trusted South Jersey towing services on hand whenever out on the road. 

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Tire Problems

If you’re driving a 16 wheeler, you have a whole lot more tire issues to look out for than people driving a sedan. In fact, tire issues cause the majority of commercial vehicle breakdowns out on the road. Whether it be over or under-inflated tires, misaligned axles or worn-down treads, there’s always a potential tire problem to worry about. 

On top of all the moving parts, the weight of the vehicle and load being carried causes wear and tear much faster than your average car. Also, even if you have 16 wheels, only one flat is enough to bring your big rig to a halt. When that time comes that you experience a breakdown due to tire problems, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have trusted South Jersey towing services on speed dial.


Another leading cause of commercial vehicle breakdowns is brake failure. Making up around 30% of commercial vehicle breakdowns, brake failure is a huge issue. The intense weight of the vehicle and load puts the drum brake and discs under intense pressure. With more pressure, friction, and heat, the chances of brake failure significantly increase. Commercial drivers should always have their vehicles regularly maintained and have their brakes inspected for rusting, air leaks, corrosion, etc.


Much of the commercial driving industry revolves around delivering food on time and in optimal condition. This requires refrigeration equipment that functions properly at all times to temperature-control the trailer. Any issue with the refrigeration units could result in an entire load of spoiled goods. This is a situation where a quick response from a towing service could be a lifesaver. With trusted South Jersey towing services, commercial drivers can quickly get back on the road without the spoiling of their goods. 

Cooling Systems

The systems that control the vehicle’s cooling have a lot more connections in large commercial vehicles. This means more opportunities for them to break or disconnect, creating issues with the thermostat. Fortunately, this is a quick fix, but only when you can quickly get roadside assistance. 

Electric Systems

Like all their other systems, large commercial vehicles have more complex electric systems like cranking and charging systems than typical vehicles. This creates more opportunities for breakdowns. Any issues with the alternator, battery or start motor could leave you stranded and in need of immediate roadside assistance. 

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Although commercial drivers are typically more skilled and cautious than your average driver, anything can happen out on the road. When your job requires you to be traveling for countless hours, drivers come across all of those unlucky circumstances way more often. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll need South Jersey towing services to give you a lift. 

The Best In South Jersey Towing Services

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