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The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Management

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Management

Companies that depend on trucks or other vehicles to keep their business moving realize just how important it is to keep them all running smoothly. In order for the company’s drivers to get where they need to be on time, avoiding breakdowns is crucial. It can be tough to keep track of with a fleet of several vehicles. Most companies that own multiple vehicles can benefit from enlisting the services of a fleet maintenance management service.

It only makes sense that the more a company uses a vehicle, the more maintenance is needed.  For companies – especially big ones – busy with their operations, it can be difficult to stay on top of the maintenance for each vehicle. Scheduled maintenance for commercial fleets isn’t just an option, it’s a must. Every time a vehicle is taken off the road for an unexpected break down due to lack of maintenance, time is wasted and profit is lost.

Life Cycle Management

Every business asset has a life cycle and this is especially true of trucks or other fleet vehicles. When vehicles are new they are at the beginning of the cycle. As they are used over time, the various vehicles in the fleet will wear down and need repair .

With every fleet vehicle, there comes a point where it is no longer cost effective to continue repairs and maintenance. An experienced fleet maintenance professional will know when a vehicle is ready to be retired and will advise the company that it is time for a replacement. Life cycle maintenance and management is an efficient way to keep a company’s fleet viable and maximize their budget.

Preventative Maintenance

Neglecting or overlooking preventative maintenance to save money now will cost a company more in the long run.

Keep up with regular maintenance such as oil and filter changes, alignments, air brake diagnostics, drivetrain and differential services. By monitoring fleet vehicle preventive maintenance schedules, fleet maintenance managers can save a company thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Management

Enhanced Productivity

When a company vehicle is broken down on the side of the road, productivity comes to a grinding halt. In this scenario, everyone loses.The truck or other vehicle is not delivering either a product or company representative to the assigned destination. The vehicle’s operator is stranded, unable to deliver product or end up missing an important meeting.

Avoiding breakdowns is vital to remaining productive.  Planned preventative maintenance will minimize downtime.

Reduced Repair Cost

When one part of a vehicle is not working properly, it affects the other parts. Typically it cause the other parts to work harder, causing excessive wear and tear. Continuing to operate the vehicle until it finally breaks down can mean multiple parts rather than just one may have to be replaced.

Sometimes when a single part is not functioning properly, it is not immediately obvious to the operator of the vehicle. An experienced fleet maintenance manager will often spot a defective part during regular preventative maintenance before it causes further, more costly damage or leads to a break down.

Increased Safety

Unexpected breakdowns on the road can cause a variety of dangerous situations.  Regularly scheduled maintenance not only increases productivity and saves money, but it also helps ensure the safety of the vehicle’s operator and those on the road around them.

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Management

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

In addition to monitoring regularly scheduled maintenance and repair, a fleet maintenance management service can make sure that all company vehicles are properly serviced prepared for DOT inspection.

Does Your Company Need Fleet Maintenance Management?

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