BlackExhaustAndOtherExhaustColors WhatDoTheyMean?

Black Exhaust And Other Exhaust Colors – What Do They Mean?

It can be quite scary when you notice black exhaust or any color exhaust for that matter coming out of your tailpipe. It’s easy to panic and worry that your car is vehicle could explode at any moment. However, not all exhaust colors indicate something is wrong. Learning what different colors of exhaust smoke mean can give you peace of mind and let you know when it is time to call a trustworthy towing company.


Blue Exhaust Smoke

Bluish grey exhaust smoke can be troubling, it’s not something you see every day. While this color doesn’t indicate immediate danger, it is likely that you have an oil leak problem. When oil enters a vehicle’s combustion chamber and mixes with fuel, blueish grey exhaust smoke will result. This can occur after modifying the power input of your engine, which causes additional stress that can damage piston rings and cause an oil leak. 

Worn cylinder walls and valve seals can also cause an oil leak. If your vehicle emits blue exhaust during acceleration, the issue is likely with the piston rings. If the smoke is emitted during deceleration, the issue might be with the valve guide seals. The safest plan is to have your car towed to a mechanic to have it professionally checked out.

nj towingGrey Exhaust Smoke

Grey exhaust, like black exhaust, is not a good sign. Once you notice grey exhaust, you should have your car towed to a mechanic as soon as you can. Grey exhaust can be caused by an internal leaking head gasket, a cracked cylinder head or a damaged engine block. With a leaking gasket, your engine coolant can enter the combustion chamber where it burns and evaporates. Once the coolant is gone, your engine can overheat in no time, especially in warm weather. Damaged cylinder heads and engine blocks are also serious issues and should be addressed immediately.  

Black Exhaust Smoke

Surprisingly enough, black exhaust smoke is not as dangerous as persistent grey exhaust smoke. However, it is a sign of many possible issues that should be remedied quickly. It could indicate that the fuel injection system isn’t working correctly, the air filter is clogged, or there could be a blocked manifold. Decreased fuel economy is usually associated with black exhaust smoke which is a result of your vehicle burning more fuel than is normally required. 

White Exhaust Smoke

Compared to blue, grey and black exhaust, white exhaust smoke doesn’t necessarily indicate something is wrong with your vehicle. On cold days, the combustion will create a vapor when the drastically different temperatures meet. If the white exhaust persists after your vehicle warms up, there could be an issue. There could be a broken fuel pumping injection, leaking coolant, or other issues. It’s best to call a tow truck and bring it in for an inspection for a proper diagnosis. 

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Call A Trustworthy Towing Service

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