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Why Vehicle Towing is Best Left to a Professional Towing Service

Why Vehicle Towing is Best Left to a Professional Towing Service

When one of their vehicles break down, people who own trucks and trailers can be tempted to tow it themselves, rather than call a professional towing service. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it may seem. There are several challenges and risks involved with DIY towing that often make the savings not worth it. Here are a few reasons why vehicle towing is best left to the professionals. 

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Safety Risks

Towing a vehicle is a complex task that can be quite dangerous. You take up more space on the road, your vehicle is less maneuverable, and there are more opportunities for things to go wrong. From loading the vehicle to a trailer to navigating busy streets, the process poses serious risks for you and others. A professional towing service will have the skill and experience to safely tow a vehicle. Protect yourself by trusting the experts.  

Improper Equipment

It takes more than a flatbed and a pickup truck to safely and efficiently tow a vehicle. A professional towing service will use tow trucks that have the proper rigging and lifting equipment that amateurs typically don’t have.. Amateur rigging equipment is more likely to fail which could cause serious injury or vehicle damage. Also, different vehicles require different types of towing equipment and many require more sophisticated systems than a basic hook and chain tow truck.

Towing Capacity

Another mistake you could make during a DIY tow is exceeding your vehicle’s towing capacity. When you attempt to tow a vehicle that your truck can’t handle, you could blow out your transmission. A professional towing service will have high-capacity tow trucks that can handle heavier loads and can even utilize multiple tow trucks to get the job done. They also have the experience to determine which type of tow truck would be required for a given capacity. If you exceed the maximum towing capacity, you could end up needing a tow truck for your tow truck!


No matter how much pride you take in your driving abilities, towing a vehicle is an entirely different beast. A professional towing service will have the experience and driving style that is ideal for safe towing. A few examples include maintaining a constant speed, accurately gauging the length of a trailer and avoiding impulsive braking and acceleration. If you attempt to tow a vehicle without the right experience, you’re risking your safety and the safety of both vehicles. 

Save Money

The irony of DIY towing is that you might end up spending more money than you would with a professional towing service. If you cause damage to your vehicle or someone else’s while towing, the expenses will far exceed the cost of a professional tow. You will also be more likely to make a mistake on the road which could lead to expensive tickets. Things are even more serious when it comes to medical bills in the event of an injury. Making the investment to hi rea professional towing company is your best bet, both pragmatically and financially.

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Call a Professional Towing Service

Even if you have your own trailer and truck, calling an experienced and professional towing service is always the best choice when it comes to vehicle breakdowns. At Accurate Towing Service, we know how inconvenient and frustrating a breakdown can be. We make it a point to treat our customers with a sense of urgency and understanding.

From roadside assistance to expert repair service, we’ve got you covered. Our team of trained professionals has been providing reliable towing and repair services since 1986 and we take pride in the quality service we offer. Program our number into your cell phone now in case of an emergency or contact us with any automotive issues or concerns you may have.