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Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery – Beyond Simple Roadside Assistance

When you get a flat tire or experience a breakdown, the towing company you contact will either get your car back on the road or tow it in for service. A routine tow doesn’t require any special equipment or techniques. In the case of a serious motor vehicle accident or large industrial vehicle breakdown, it can be much more complicated and potentially dangerous. Heavy duty towing and recovery involves specialized equipment and a highly skilled team that can handle even the most demanding situations. When towing heavy duty vehicles or conducting emergency or forensic vehicle recovery, it’s important to have a towing company with the right experience and equipment dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible.

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery - Beyond Simple Roadside Assistance

Heavy Duty Towing 

Big rigs and tractor trailers are on the roads in our country every day. If one of them jack-knifes, rolls over or is involved in any type of accident, it creates a major disaster. To divert traffic, right the vehicle, tow it away and clean up any debris left behind takes a team. That team can include police, emergency responders, firefighters as well as a towing company armed with the necessary experience and equipment.

Recovering and towing a disabled tractor trailer can require the use of multiple pieces of specialized equipment including cranes, rotator winching, under-lift equipment and heavy duty towing. It also takes a high level of skill and precision to execute the recovery and tow without creating additional damage or incurring personal injury. 

Emergency and Forensic Recovery

Recovery at the scene of a major motor vehicle accident requires that the towing company work in conjunction with law enforcement and all emergency responders to ensure the safety of those involved in the accident. In recent years many states, including New Jersey, have expanded evidence preservation mandates beyond just those vehicles involved in a crime. The preserved evidence can be crucial in determining what or who caused the accident for legal and insurance purposes. This evidence becomes even more important if fatalities are involved.

Emergency and forensic recovery requires specialized equipment operated with the skill and precision to keep the scene of the accident intact while extracting the individuals involved. The Speedcrane is often used in such situations as it can pick a vehicle without touching or contaminating either the vehicle or the surrounding evidence. This ensures that the vehicle isn’t dragged, damaged or entered, allowing it to be transported for inspection and investigation exactly how it was found.

High-Risk Operation

Heavy duty towing and recovery involves a high-risk factor for all those involved. Each operation is different and comes with its own unique challenges. The towing company dispatched to the scene must be able to work with law enforcement and first responders to develop a safe and effective recovery strategy. 

For example, if the vehicle strikes and damages a building, the extent of the damage must be assessed before moving the vehicle. If there is significant structural damage, the building may need to be reinforced before towing the vehicle away. Everyone working on the scene is at risk of being injured from falling debris or the building collapsing. In the case of injuries or fatalities resulting from the accident, there are also bio-hazard risks. 

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Professional Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Accurate Towing has the equipment and experience to handle various types of heavy duty towing and recovery. Our team is made up of top experts in routine and heavy duty towing, heavy hauling, and recovery. All of our operators are trained and certified in all aspects of towing and recovery. We have removed vehicles from damaged buildings and dealt with sensitive forensic recoveries. We join forces with local law enforcement and first responders to deal with the aftermath of all types of motor vehicle accidents and breakdowns. Contact us for all your towing, hauling and recovery needs in central New Jersey.