Car Repair

4 Dangers of DIY Car Repair

There are plenty of self-taught mechanics out there. They have the expertise and technical skill to repair their cars. Unfortunately, they oftentimes perform these repairs inside of their garages. This can lead to unforeseen accidents that happen due to lack of proper safety equipment. It is always recommended that you perform auto repairs in safe locations. It’s also better when you have the proper equipment to do so. Here are some common injuries that happen during DIY car repair.

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Steam Burns

The radiator contains an incredible amount of hot steam. There is always a possibility of steam blasting through the radiator cap whenever you least expect it. Less experienced automotive technicians may find themselves receiving steam burns if they are not careful. Even worse, many people who do receive steam or burn injuries rarely treat them correctly. Always wear protective clothing at home to avoid this injury.

Arc Flash

Electrical arcs produce some of the highest temperatures known to occur on Earth — as hot as 35,000°F! These can happen if you aren’t careful and cause third-degree burns to your body. Arc flash accidents have been known to kill people in the past. It is incredibly important that you educate yourself on what to do in this situation to avoid getting injured. Since the average person doesn’t have the time to learn about this danger and avoid it – going to the professionals is the best choice.

Getting Crushed During DIY Car Repair 

Some of the jacks that we use at home are not as sturdy as the ones you find in an automotive shop. One of the most common injuries associated with at-home automotive repair is being crushed by your vehicle. Always make sure that the environment that you are jacking your car upon is level. Any type of uneven ground can cause your car to fall down and crush you. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides out there that can help you properly jack your vehicle up. This type of injury can lead to serious damage to your body and may potentially kill you if you’re unlucky.

Damage to Your Vehicle

Another reason to avoid DIY car repair is that it may not save you money but instead cost you more than getting it fixed by a professional. Cars are temperamental and require the utmost care during both their use and repair. If an amateur repairman attempts to do DIY car repair, they may cause more damage to their car than the original issue. 

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Getting to the Mechanic

Many people prefer to repair their vehicles at home to save money. The dangers of repairing their vehicle whenever they are doing it themselves in small compared to the costs of a shop. However, there are more safety concerns that one should be aware of if they choose to go this route. Use the information we have provided in this article to educate yourself on some of the most common injuries for automotive repair. This will help you avoid injury and potentially death in worst-case scenarios.

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