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Towing Insurance and Other Coverages You Need in Your Insurance Policy

Towing Insurance and Other Coverages You Need in Your Insurance Policy

Anyone interested in purchasing a decent auto insurance policy focuses on costs related to reliable liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is valuable to many policy seekers as well. Drivers with excellent records and credit may find they can acquire top coverage plans at reasonable rates. When you’re a good prospect for an insurance provider, look closely at the perks the company offers. A few additional coverage options may be available. Three, in particular, stand out: towing insurance, rental insurance and excess wear and tear coverage. It is important to consider these options in order to get the best insurance plan you can.

Towing Insurance Coverage

Even when you take diligent care of your car, the vehicle could break down. Manufacturer defects could lead the vehicle to stall. Other incidents may lead to an inoperable car. Tires can suffer punctures, or the vehicle might be totaled in an accident. Once stranded on the road, the car is vulnerable to a collision and more. So, you need a tow. Hopefully, your plan has towing insurance that covers roadside assistance.

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A policy could come with free towing for the first 50 miles or a comparable deal. Saving money isn’t the only benefit here. Whenever you need a tow, make sure you call the right towing service and avoid the risks of dealing with a bad tow service.

Rental Insurance Coverage

When your car is out of commission, you may find troubles piling up. Even if towing insurance payed your towing bill, how do you get to work or pick up kids from school? With rental coverage, the insurance company provides a solution. Free rentals reduce disruptions in your life during car repairs. Also, you won’t be dealing with a rental company without the insurance company’s assistance. This is especially important if you’re younger as some rental agencies charge up to $40 more to rent to younger drivers. Let the insurance company pick up the tab. 

 Excess Wear and Tear Coverage

Leasing a car may be preferable to some drivers than purchasing one. No matter what dealer you lease from, the vehicle must come back in top shape. Otherwise, added charges apply. Worn out tires, for example, could cost you $500 or more. With excess wear and tear protection, you might not pay anything.

Excess wear and tear protection covers scratches, paint chips, and other minor problems that don’t rise to the level of severe damage. Don’t’ think a few scratches on a fender is cheap to fix. Adding this coverage on a leased vehicle could save you a lot at return time. Other specialty coverages may be available. See what you can add to a policy. Doing so could make life convenient and less expensive during a tough situation.

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Towing Insurance For an Expert Towing Service

Even if you have the best insurance coverage out there, you still need to be vigilant out on the road. Whether you make a mistake or someone else does, anyone could find themselves broken down on the side of the road. When something goes wrong, make sure you know a company that will assist you quickly and efficiently.

At Accurate Towing Service, our trained and certified team will arrive quickly to provide you with excellent and professional service. We’ve provided the very best in roadside assistance for over 30 years.  Roadside assistance is just one of many services that Accurate Towing offers. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Accurate Towing is always ready to help when you are in need. If you find yourself in one of these situations, contact us and we’ll be there in no time.