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Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling – Reasons to Hire a Professional

One of the most common items to require heavy hauling is construction equipment and machinery. While some companies have their own hauling equipment, others don’t. Or maybe they need to move all their machinery for a big project and just don’t have enough hauling equipment.

Whatever the reason, heavy hauling is a big job. The type of equipment requiring heavy hauling is very expensive. Because of the value of the equipment and the magnitude of the job, it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional hauling company. It is of the utmost importance that they are trustworthy as well as having the proper equipment and expertise to complete the haul safely and without any damage.

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Heavy Hauling Experience

When transporting very large and heavy equipment, the route for the haul needs to be planned in advance. The height of the overpasses along the route need to be considered. It goes without saying that large equipment and a low overpass could spell disaster. Both the equipment and the overpass could be damaged. Not only would this be costly, it could also put people at risk.

There will be other potential obstacles to consider like weight limits on certain roads and bridges. A professional hauling company will know how to access which is the best route to safely haul the equipment to its destination.

Equipment Safety

Often the equipment has moving parts or accessories that require an extra measure of security. All accessory equipment must be lowered. Movable parts such as hydraulic shovels, booms, plows and crane arms should be secured to the transport vehicle using tie-downs. Typically chain is the preferred tie-down for heavy equipment and machinery. Accessories equipped with locking pins or devices which prevent movement may not require additional securing devices.

Even with a properly secured load, it takes an experienced operator to execute the haul safely. A hard turn on a steep mountain grade or a sudden hard stop in rush-hour traffic can create issues during a heavy haul such as a rollover.

Keeping the load secured reduces the risk when issues occur. In the case of an accident, a secured load will decrease the possibility of personal injury or equipment damage. A professional hauling company will know how to properly secure the load and what to expect during the haul.

Heavy Hauling – Reasons to Hire a Professional

 Accurately Calculate ETA

It is important to know the estimated arrival time of the equipment at its destination. There many factors that contribute to the length of time a haul will take. There will be stops for fuel and weigh-ins. The operator will have to make regular inspections to be certain the load remains secure throughout the haul. If it is a long distance haul, an overnight stop may be necessary, keeping the operator rested and alert.

A professional hauler will know all of the things to take into consideration when it comes to predicting the time it will take to complete the haul. Hiring a professional for hauling heavy equipment is an investment worth making. The equipment needs to arrive on time and in great working order or it will be of no use when it arrives.

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