JumpingYourCarBattery TowingCompanyvsGoodSamaritan

Jumping Your Car Battery – Towing Company vs Good Samaritan

It always happens at the worst possible time, usually when you’re away from home and anxious to get on the road. You get in your car, go to start it up and instead of hearing the engine turn over – you just hear that annoy clicking sound that lets you know your battery is dead. You put a call into the towing company but while you’re waiting, a stranger stops and offers to get you back on the road by jumping your car battery. Do you wait for the towing company to show up or take the stranger up on their offer? While the act of a good samaritan should always be applauded, there are a few reasons why you should express your appreciation and politely decline their offer.

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Stay Safe

Being stranded somewhere with a dead battery can be a dangerous situation in itself. While you may feel fortunate to have a stranger come to your rescue, it has the potential to make the situation even more dangerous. You probably grew up being told not to talk to strangers or you’re telling your kids that. We’d all like to believe in the kindness of strangers, but the reality is that not all strangers are truly good samaritans. Still, you may find yourself with a dead battery and a dead cell phone and feel you have no other choice but to accept help from a stranger.

In this situation, ask the stranger to call the towing company for you. They may have the best intentions and a pair of jumper cables but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing when it comes to jumping your car battery. If it’s older, the battery’s integrity could be compromised. Also, the battery posts could be corroded or the cables could be worn. Jumping your car battery when any of these conditions exist could cause the battery to explode. A battery explosion will not only cause damage to your car, it can cause serious bodily injury to anyone who is near it. Keep everyone safe and call the towing company. The tow truck driver will know if jumping your car battery can be done safely and if not, they will be able to tow your car.

Prevent Damage

A battery explosion isn’t the only thing that could cause damage when jumping your car battery. Many of the vehicles manufactured after the year 2000 have a lot of electronics that power on-board features such as navigation devices, backup cameras, airbags and more. Jumping your car battery can potentially damage those electronics and replacing them can be expensive.

While a stranger may have a pair of jumper cables handy, they may have only used them once or twice, if at all. A dead battery is one of the most common issues a tow truck driver deals with. They have the experience to know if jumping your car battery can be done without causing any damage. If they feel it can’t be done on the spot without causing any damage, the tow truck driver can get you and your car to the repair shop safely.

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Jumping Your Car Battery – Leave it to the Professionals

Whether it’s jumping your car battery or any other issue that leaves you in need of roadside assistance, calling an experienced and reputable towing company is always the best choice. At Accurate Towing Service, we know how inconvenient and frustrating a breakdown can be. We make it a point to treat our customers with a sense of urgency and understanding.

From roadside assistance to expert repair service, we’ve got you covered. Our team of trained professionals has been providing reliable towing and repair services since 1986 and we take pride in the quality service we offer. Program our number into your cell phone now in case of emergency or contact us with any automotive issues or concerns you may have.