TowTruckDriverServices GoingBeyondRoadsideAssistance

Tow Truck Driver Services – Going Beyond Roadside Assistance

When most of us think about towing services, we typically imagine broken down car on the highway in need of roadside assistance. However, a tow truck driver does much more than bring damaged cars to the auto shop. From delivering heavy machinery to conducting forensic recovery, the wide range of tow truck services may be surprising.

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Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Towing companies play an essential role in the operations of several industries such as construction, manufacturing and the military. For example, construction contractors need a way to move heavy machinery from site to site and a crane can’t simply drive down the highway. Or an automobile manufacturer may need to deliver several cars to a dealership. A tow truck driver can take these cars from point A to point B without putting mileage on them. These industries rely heavily on towing services to operate.

Forensic Recovery

When an auto accident is associated with a crime, extra steps must be taken to preserve evidence. Improper touching or tampering with a vehicle can prevent law enforcement from doing their job. A trained tow truck driver can make sure that the vehicle is not damaged, entered or touched during forensic recovery. This way, all evidence remains intact while the vehicle is transferred to a crime lab.

Emergency Towing

While emergency towing is technically roadside assistance, it covers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A vehicle breakdown can occur at any time, not just during business hours. If a tow truck driver only came to help out during work hours, there would be a lot of unlucky drivers out there on the side of the road. It’s always nice knowing that there is a trusted tow truck driver on standby to help out on holidays, weekends and late at night.

Motorcycle Towing

A common mistake that motorcycle owners make is trying to do their own tow after a breakdown. They figure because their motorcycle is light, they can move it on their own, in the bed of a pickup truck. However, special equipment and training is required to properly tow a motorcycle. A professional tow truck driver can safely tow a motorcycle without scratches or damage.

Show Car Towing

When you own a prized collector car, the last thing you want is to put on unnecessary miles or risk damage out on the road. When collectors bring expensive and exotic vehicles to a car show, they need a way to transport them safely. An experienced tow truck driver knows exactly how to move these vehicles without damaging them. This provides peace of mind for all of those car lovers out there.

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Off-Road Recovery

Not all towing jobs are as simple as transporting a car from the highway to the auto shop. Sometimes, a vehicle needs to be recovered far off the beaten path. This is where off-road recovery services come in. If a standard tow truck attempts to recover a vehicle off of the road, it may end up stuck as well. Off-road recovery utilizes specially modified tow trucks that can you out of the dirt in no time.

Hiring an Expert Tow Truck Driver

If you require any type of towing service, it’s best to go with a reputable and experienced towing company. At Accurate Towing Service, our team is comprised of top experts in towing, hauling, repair and recovery. Whether you need a car or a tanker truck towed or repaired our nationally trained and certified experts can handle all of your towing or heavy hauling needs. With multiple locations, we can provide the fastest and most reliable emergency towing service in Central Jersey as well as heavy hauling services throughout New Jersey. Contact us for all your towing needs.