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How Many Varieties of Tow Trucks Can You Name?

Tow Trucks – Can You Name the Different Types?

When most of us think of tow trucks, an image of the hook and chain truck carrying a damaged or illegally parked car is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Interestingly enough, this type of tow truck isn’t used that often anymore. Technology has changed and there are different styles of tow trucks that work better in different situations. Here is an outline of the various tow trucks you may come across.

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Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

As previously mentioned, the hook and chain tow truck is the most well known design. These trucks use a large hook and chain that attach to the axles or frames of vehicles to lift the front end of while the back wheels remain on the ground to move them. As one might imagine, this can be pretty rough on a vehicle and could possibly cause major damage. Also, all wheel drive vehicles can not be towed with only two wheels on the ground without sustaining damage. Today, hook and chain trucks are mostly used to tow junk vehicles.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

If you break down on the side of the road in a sedan, the towing company will most likely show up with a wheel lift tow truck. Wheel lifts insert a metal yoke underneath a car’s front wheels to lift it up with a hydraulic system while the back wheels remain on the ground. The car is then put in neutral and towed to its destination.This design works to reduce the possibility of accidental damage done during a tow. It is important to note that these tow trucks can not be used on all wheel drive vehicles.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Conveniently named – flatbed tow trucks have a flat bed on the back of a truck that they lift and lock vehicles into. The bed moves into an angled position so a vehicle can roll onto it, it then lifts the vehicle and moves back to a parallel position. These are perfect for all wheel drive vehicles that can’t be towed by wheel lift or hook and chain trucks. It also is good for transporting classic or antique cars long distances to avoid wear and tear. You may have come across large flatbeds with several cars stacked on top of each other. Car dealerships often use these to transport vehicles in bulk.

Boom Tow Trucks

In some situations, the previously mentioned trucks are unable to recover vehicles. This happens when they fall into a ditch, over an embankment, or are stuck in any other place that is unsafe to pull up to. They are also used in forensic recovery so the vehicle can be moved without losing or tampering with evidence. Boom tow trucks in the past used a hook and chain system where chains are tethered around a vehicle frame and are then lifted. Today, the chains have been replaced with strong rubber slings in order to avoid scratching the bumper. Boom tow trucks are perfect for hard-to-reach, problematic situations.

Integrated Tow Trucks

For functionality and versatility, towing companies use integrated tow trucks. These trucks have both a boom and wheel lift system put together in one unit. There are controls on the inside of the truck so vehicles can be lifted without the operator having to leave the driver’s seat. Integrated tow trucks are often used in vehicle repossession or moving illegally parked vehicles.

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High-End Tow Trucks and High-Quality Service

No matter what tow truck you require, you need to have a trained professional behind the wheel. Accurate Towing Service is dedicated to superior service when you need it most. We use a variety of these tow trucks on jobs ranging from light to heavy duty tows. Our knowledgeable staff is trained and certified to deliver the highest-quality service available. The next time you need a tow, contact Accurate Towing Service.