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Towing Service In Toms River Tips – How to Drive In The Rain

With distracted drivers, high speed situations and freak accidents, it can be dangerous out on the open road. This is especially true when it starts to rain. Fortunately, there are several defensive driving techniques that can keep you safe out on the open road, even during inclement weather. These helpful tips can help you stay on the road and avoid the need for a towing service in Toms River.

Be Cautious

While you should always be cautious while driving, it’s especially true for driving in the rain. Driving at a safe speed is essential, never go above the speed limit and consider driving substantially underneath it depending on how wet the road is. If there are fully formed puddles, keep in mind that a car driving 35 miles per hour or faster is at a high risk of hydroplaning. 

As an experienced towing service in Toms River, we’ve seen countless accidents related to hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when a high-speed vehicle comes in contact with wet pavement and the moisture slightly lifts the wheels off of the pavement. The driver then loses all control of the tires until they land back on the ground. Reducing speeds and keeping your tires fully inflated can help keep a driver safe from hydroplaning. It is also essential to avoid sharp turns and hard brakes. The water will reduce the amount of friction between your tires and the road and make it more likely for your vehicle to skid out and get into an accident. 

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Increase Following Distance

Drivers should always maintain a safe following distance when behind another vehicle. The traditional rule of thumb is two full car lengths, assuming all conditions are good and your vehicle’s brakes work correctly. As an expert towing service in Toms River, we know that this simply isn’t enough for wet roads. When it’s raining, double the following distance. Wet pavement significantly reduces a vehicle’s ability to stop on short notice. Somewhat surprisingly, the worst time is when the rain just begins to fall. This is when water is on the surface of the pavement but hasn’t fully soaked into it yet. 

Avoid Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great feature that helps make a driver’s life easier and can benefit a vehicle’s fuel economy. However, it is not a safe option when driving in the rain. Cruise control allows a driver to continue at their current speed without having to keep their foot down on the gas pedal. When it’s raining, the driver will have less control over their speed and at a higher risk of hydroplaning. It also increases the time it takes for a vehicle to fully come to a stop. When someone isn’t using cruise control, the vehicle begins slowing down when the driver takes their foot off the gas to hit the brake. When cruise control is on, this doesn’t happen when precious moments matter most. We can’t tell you how many drivers have told us that using cruise control in the rain led them to require a towing service in Toms River.

Turn on Headlights 

Staying visible is very important while driving in the rain. If your car doesn’t automatically turn the headlights on in the rain, make sure you do it manually. This helps other drivers see you more clearly and reduces the risk of an accident occurring. Don’t use your high beams, as they actually reduce visibility for yourself and other drivers on the road. 

Stay Away From Larger Vehicles

The reduced friction during a rainstorm makes driving around large vehicles even more dangerous. The larger the vehicle, the more inertia it has and the more time it will take to come to a complete stop. Give yourself as much space from large vehicles as you possibly can. 

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Expert Towing Service In Toms River

If something goes wrong out on the open road, you will need help from the experts at Accurate Towing Service. Contact the most trusted towing service in Toms River for emergency roadside assistance. No matter the size or condition of your vehicle, we have the experience and the equipment to handle it.

With decades of experience and dedication to superior service, you can trust Accurate Towing to get your vehicle off the side of the road safely. They also offer expert repair services to get you back on the road. It’s always good to have the phone numbers of towing companies in NJ before you need it. Save our number in your phone today.