What To Do While Waiting for Towing Assistance in NJ

What To Do While Waiting for Towing Assistance in NJ

After an accident occurs that leaves your car inoperable, there are several things that need to be taken care of while waiting for towing assistance in NJ. It’s important to be as cautious as possible while you wait, both for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Pull Your Car Safely To the Side of the Road

As with many places, New Jersey roads can be subject to a very high volume of traffic, and an accident in the middle of the road will only create more congestion. While waiting for towing assistance in NJ, see if you can safely move your car to the shoulder or off to the side where it’s less of an obstacle. Rubbernecking can easily lead to a second accident, especially if your car is still blocking some part of the road.

Pulling your car off to the side will help keep you safe, as well as your car. You can get out of your car and inspect the damage without much worry about the cars around you. However, if you can, it may still be safer to exit your car from the passenger side door, rather than the driver’s side.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

No matter the time of day, you want to make sure that all drivers passing by are aware that your car isn’t moving. Turn on your hazard lights, even if it’s day time. No one will fault you for being too visible. The hazard lights draw the attention of other drivers so they know in advance to slow down and carefully pass while you wait for towing assistance.

In addition, your blinking hazards will also get the tow truck driver’s attention and make it easier to find you.

Towing and Recovery Safety

Put Out Triangles or Flares

Most cars have an emergency kit in them, and if not you can easily buy one online. These kits often come with reflective triangles or flares you can use to signal to the police, other drivers, and the tow truck that your car is inoperable and needs help.

These markers, like your hazard lights, will grab the attention of those around you and let them know they need to slow down and use caution as they pass. You can place one marker at the end of your car, and then another about 30 feet down the road in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Collect Identification and Belongings

It’s wise to collect your identification and belongings while waiting for towing assistance. This gives you more time to think about what you need, so you won’t have to scramble when help finally arrives. You don’t want to forget something important, such as your computer or a file for work, and then be unable to obtain it once your car is towed to service. In addition, it will make the actual process of towing your car easier, which will make both you and the driver happy.

If there are any valuables in your car, you certainly want to take them with you to ease your worry and minimize the risk of losing them.

While Waiting for Towing Assistance in NJ, Be Safe

While you’re waiting for towing assistance in NJ, make sure you are somewhere safe. For example, if you’re on the highway with medians on both sides, you may want to wait inside your car. Or, if you’re on an empty back road at night in an area you don’t know, you may not want to wander far. Obviously, you don’t want to just stand in the middle of the road, even if that’s where your car is. Stay somewhere safe and visible.

Do not accept rides from strangers. Some good samaritan may come along and offer to take you to a nearby cafe or diner. While that’s very nice, it’s not necessarily very wise.

What To Do While Waiting for Towing Assistance in NJ

Stay with Your Car Until Help Arrives

Once the towing company has been contacted and you’ve calmed down, you may think to grab a coffee or a bite to eat while you wait. Or, perhaps you were able to contact a friend for a ride, so you don’t need to catch one with the tow truck.

Regardless, you shouldn’t leave your car until the towing assistance arrives. Your presence will prevent anyone from trying to break into your abandoned car. Also, it prevents any miscommunication with the tow truck driver. If you’re not there when he arrives, he may not know where exactly you want your car towed. Being there to speak with them at the source will ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

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