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Winter Towing In New Jersey – What to know

It is never a good thing when your car breaks down and needs a tow. This inconvenience becomes even worse when you must wait for a pickup during the cold of winter.  There are several strategies to help you prevent a breakdown. However, if you do require towing in New Jersey, you need to take precautions to ensure that you and your vehicle make it safely to the mechanic.

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Just because your vehicle is brand new does not make it immune to breakdowns. In fact, newer vehicles can hold unique issues that may lead to car trouble. If you have a new car, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for winter towing in New Jersey.

Car manufacturers are beginning to phase out including a spare tire with new vehicles. Spare tires are being replaced with inflation kits that can only help in certain situations. Drivers should make sure that they pack a spare tire in addition to an inflation kit. If your vehicle already contains a spare tire, you should periodically check if that spare is in working order.

Drivers of new vehicles may also experience issues with their keyless ignition systems. Keyless ignition systems can drain your vehicle’s battery life if the keys are stored too close to the automobile. You should make sure to store your keys somewhere that is a safe distance from your vehicle.

New car models are beginning to install advanced systems for low fuel alerts. Rather than a manual dial, cars are using digital displays with estimates of how far a car can travel before it needs fuel. These systems are usually helpful, but they can tempt certain drivers to push the limits and go as far as possible without refueling. If you want to avoid winter towing in New Jersey, remember to fuel up before it is too late.

Pre-Breakdown Preparations

Owners of new and old vehicles alike should prepare their vehicle in a way that reduces the risk of a breakdown. It is important that drivers go beyond packing a spare tire and check their tire pressure at least monthly. Tire pressure affects the handling of your vehicle. Drivers should be especially concerned about a vehicle’s handling during the winter, where bad weather and icy roads are common. Drivers should also have their tires rotated according to the manufacturer’s schedule for the vehicle.

It is estimated that over 40% of motorists do not carry an emergency kit in their vehicles. You can never be sure when a driving injury can occur, so you should consider an emergency kit for your car. Being prepared is the best way to be safe.

After Your Vehicle Breaks Down

During the cold of winter, it is important to make sure that you don’t get locked out of your vehicle.  You should always remove your keys from the vehicle when you exit. In the age of “smart keys” and keyless entry fobs, lockouts become more probably. Avoid water damage to these types of keys and replace them in accordance to your manufacturer’s recommendation.

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Once your car breaks down and you remove your keys, you should turn on your hazard lights and set up safety markers.These alert the towing company where you are, as well as notify other drivers to drive with caution. Always exit your vehicle from the side of the car that is parked on the shoulder of the road. After you do these things, head back into your vehicle and buckle your seatbelt.

You should then gather your belongings and necessary paperwork for the tow. This includes insurance information and your driver’s license. While you sit in your car waiting for the tow truck, open your emergency kit and put on warm clothing. Winter weather can sometimes create a situation in which remaining in your vehicle is unsafe. If you feel unsafe, notify the towing company and they can send out a police officer to your location. If you must leave your vehicle behind, leave the hazards on and lock the doors before leaving to find shelter.

Who To Call For Winter Towing In New Jersey

One last pivotal step in winter towing preparations is knowing who to call. Once you have taken every necessary safety step, you need to call a reputable towing company like Accurate Towing. Accurate Towing will take care of the rest and their reliable service will bring you where you need to go. Contact Accurate Towing if you experience a car breakdown during the cold winter.