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All Weather Towing - Surviving a Breakdown in Severe Weather

All Weather Towing – Surviving a Breakdown in Severe Weather

With winter on its way and the temperature dropping, the potential for icy or snow-covered roadways increases. Severe weather can lead to vehicle accidents or breakdowns, leaving a driver and their passengers stranded on the side of the road waiting for help. While we all hope it never happens to us, being prepared will make an unpleasant situation safer and less stressful. There are many things you can do to minimize the risk and discomfort of a severe weather breakdown However, you should start by making sure you have the number of an all weather towing service saved in your phone.

When you experience a severe weather breakdown, you want a towing company that has the experience and equipment to provide safe all weather towing. Regardless of what Mother Nature sends our way – rain, snow, sleet, or ice – you need a towing service you can count on to get you and your vehicle off the road safely. 

 car wrecks in the snow

Choosing an All Weather Towing Company

There are three things to look for when choosing any towing company: experience, equipment, and response time.


You want to choose a company with experienced tow truck operators. They will have seen and done it all and will know the best way to approach each situation including towing in severe weather. Even in ideal weather conditions, hauling a vehicle safely requires skill and knowledge. 


The equipment the towing company uses is important as well. If the equipment is old and appears unmaintained, it could fail under the weight and cold of severe weather. Look for a towing company with newer, well-maintained equipment. Newer tow trucks will have more safety features and are designed to handle better in adverse weather conditions.

Response Time

Last but not least, response time matters. You can learn more about a towing company’s response time by checking out their website. However, the best place to find this info is in their reviews. Good or bad, reviews from previous customers will tell a lot about the service the towing company provides and how long you can expect to be stranded on the side of the road waiting for them to show up.

Tips to Stay Safe While Waiting

Even with the best tow truck company, there may be a wait. In severe weather conditions, there could be multiple accidents or breakdowns the company is responding to, or the weather may delay their arrival. In addition to having a reliable company on speed dial, here are some things you can do to stay safe until the tow truck arrives.

Remain as Visible as Possible

Severe weather can significantly reduce visibility. Do whatever you can to make your disabled vehicle visible to other motorists and the tow truck driver. Leave your flashers on and if you have emergency flares, light them and set them up near your vehicle.

Put Down Your Phone

Once you’ve contacted the all weather towing company, it can be tempting to call someone or play a game on your phone to pass the time. Don’t do it. You could end up with the battery dying and no way for the towing company to contact you if they’re having trouble finding you. The time spent waiting can be used to collect important documents like your registration and insurance card or any personal items you want to keep with you. 

Turn Off Your Vehicle

Leaving the engine running or the radio on may make you more comfortable while waiting, but it can deplete your fuel supply or battery power. Turn everything off except for your hazard lights. If you need the heat, turn your vehicle on just long enough to warm it up and then turn it off. Repeat this as necessary until the tow truck arrives. If your vehicle is damaged and you are unsure if fluids are leaking, leave the engine off.

Stay With Your Vehicle

If possible, remain inside your vehicle. Even with the heat turned off, it will protect you from the elements. Going in search of shelters like gas stations or convenience stores can leave you lost and exposed to hypothermia, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. If your vehicle is situated too close to traffic, it may be too dangerous to stay inside the vehicle. Bundle up with everything you can find – sweaters, coats, blankets – and move safely off the road to wait for help to arrive.

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Professional All Weather Towing

Accurate Towing Service is available 24/7 and has over 30 years of towing experience. No matter what type of vehicle you drive or what the weather is, we have the right tow truck and equipment to get you and your vehicle safely off the side of the road. You can count on Accurate to be ready around the clock whenever you need reliable all weather towing service in the Central New Jersey area. Contact us for all your towing needs.