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Bad Weather Safety and Towing

Bad Weather Safety and Towing

Today it seems we are always in a hurry, rushing here and rushing there. It’s no different on our roadways, everyone’s in a hurry. Winter weather with freezing temperatures and high winds make driving hazardous. Rushing around in these conditions is dangerous and the best way to avoid an accident is slow down. Taking some simple precaution in bad weather can help you avoid the need for a towing service.

Avoid Bad Weather Break Downs

Keep up with your car’s regular service and maintenance. Neglecting these can cause breakdowns in any weather but winter weather is particularly hard on your vehicle. Repairs and maintenance can be costly but isn’t better to spend the money before you’re stranded on the side of the road in freezing weather? Here are also a few simple maintenance tips that could save you major aggravation.

Check Your Coolant

Make sure the coolant is at the proper level in your radiator. While you would think 100% coolant would be best, a 50/50 mix of coolant to water is the best choice in most areas. The 50-50 mix has a lower freezing point. Also 100% coolant is less able to transfer heat away from your engine, so the 50/50 mix is best.

Bad Weather Safety and Towing

Check Your Windshield Wipers

If your windshield wiper blades need to be replaced, do it. Old blades will drastically reduce your visibility, which could easily result in an accident. In the winter, remember to turn your wipers off before shutting off the engine. Your blades could freeze to the windshield and when you start your car, the wiper motor could burn out trying to get them back to the “rest position”. This especially important if you are using an automatic car starter from inside the house. In freezing winter weather, it is best to lock your wipers in an “up” position away from the windshield. Also keep your windshield washer reservoir full and supplement it with concentrate to keep it from freezing.

Keep your Gas Tank Full

It may sound too simple, but keeping your gas tank full could be a lifesaver. Often we put off stopping to fill up because we are in a hurry. Of course, you will feel silly if you run out of gas, but in the cold winter weather running out of gas could be more than a blow to your ego. A good rule of thumb is not to let it fall below a half a tank.

Stay Safe While Waiting For a Tow

No matter how careful we are, breakdowns and accidents happen. First and foremost make sure everyone is alright. If not call 911. If you and your passengers are all okay but your vehicle is not, you probably need to call a towing service. While you are waiting for them to arrive, make sure to remain safe.

Remain Visible

The most important safety tip if you break down in winter weather is to make sure you and your car are visible. Use your hazards lights and any bright clothing such as a jacket or sweater to keep from blending in and to be seen by passing motorists.

Bad Weather Safety and Towing

Leave Your Vehicle if Necessary

If you need to leave your car, lock your doors but keep your hazards lights on, making it easier for you and the tow truck driver to find. You should leave your car if it is in an unsafe location or you need to look for shelter while waiting for the towing service to arrive. Finding a warm restaurant or gas station is better than braving the elements.

Keep Warm

If there is no shelter nearby, staying in your car is the best way to keep you safe from the cold. You should always carry extra jackets, sweaters, and blankets in your car in case of emergency so you can bundle up. If you are stuck in the snow and want to turn on your heat, make sure that your exhaust pipe is clear to avoid inhaling fumes.

Until the Towing Service Arrives

Tow truck drivers will work hard to help you, but do what you can to make sure that you are safe until they arrive. Stranded in bad weather with cold temperatures, you need to make safety your priority. Do what you can to stay safe, dry, and warm while waiting for a tow.

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