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Towing Service in NJ

When You Need a Towing Service in NJ?

Unfortunately, there will be times when you will need assistance with your vehicle. In these times, you will need a towing service in New Jersey to come to the rescue. Cell phones have eliminated the days of waiting for passing car to carry a message into town for assistance, as a towing service in NJ can be reached instantly. But when will you need a towing service in Monmouth County, Ocean County, or anywhere in New Jersey?

Car Accidents

After a car accident, always remain calm as a towing service in NJ is here to help you. It’s natural to be in shock at first, as a towing service is usually the last thing on your mind. Always be sure to alert the police, as they will be able to direct traffic around the accident scene. It is advised to contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident, as they will contact a towing service in NJ for your vehicle. Typically, the insurance company will handle the costs of the tow.

Depending on the location that the accident took place and the number of vehicles that were involved, the police will contact a towing service before your insurance company does. This is the case on most accidents that occur on a highway or interstate.

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The Vehicle Is No Longer Drivable

Your vehicle has many components, which can lead to a number of problems for drivers. There will be instances where the car is running just fine, and then next thing you know; your car is no longer drivable. In this case, a driver will need to safely pull over to the side of the road. This can be due a bad alternator, overheated radiator, or the timing belt just went.

A flat tire could also be the cause of needing to pull over to the side of the road. This does not necessary require the need to call a towing service in NJ, unless your vehicle does not have a spare tire or the tools to change it yourself. A tire can become flat from running over a sharp object such as a nail, poor tire treading, or a bent rim.

Whatever the reason when you are unable to drive your vehicle safely or at all, call a towing service in Monmouth County for their roadside assistance. Be sure to relay the accurate information to the towing company in regards to current location, vehicle, and destination.

Off Road Recovery

The right towing service company is there to assistance you where-ever you need help. There may be times when your vehicle requires off road recovery service. Whether one of the vehicles on the construction site needs assistance or your stuck outside of civilization, call a towing company in NJ that offers more than just 4X4 towing services.

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Those antique cars need a lift to the road show? Those antique cars require a delicate and trusting towing service for transport. Choose a towing service company in NJ that has a wide range of vehicles in their fleet. A flatbed can safely harness your vehicle can ensure that the vehicle will arrive in the same condition as it was when it left.

Need heavy hauling in NJ? A flatbed or lowboy trailer can transport those machines to and from construction sites for you.

Here at Accurate Towing Service we understand just how important it is to trust a lowboy shipping company for transporting large items. We make sure we don’t take any shortcuts when providing our heavy hauling services. After you get your free quote, we provide the best professional service from start to the finish. Here are some of the benefits we offer with our lowboy service.

Don’t deal with amateurs! You deserve the best towing service and you deserve having professionals inspecting and repairing your vehicles and equipment. Accurate Towing Service has been providing Towing Service in New Jersey since 1987. We have decades of experience in providing professional towing services for the New Jersey State Police and dozens of Municipal Police Departments throughout Ocean, Middlesex, and Monmouth County.

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