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Car Carrier Services - Why You Should Hire The Professionals

Car Carrier Services – Why You Should Hire The Professionals

Experiencing a breakdown isn’t the only reason to have your vehicle professionally transported. Sometimes you just want to get your vehicle from one place to another without getting behind the wheel. Professional car carrier services are a great option that provides multiple benefits. Before we explore the benefits, first let’s look at why you might want to have your car professionally transported in the first place.

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You’re Moving

Moving is stressful enough, but if it’s a long-distance move, driving to your new home will make it worse. You’re already exhausted from all the packing, organizing, and cleaning. The last thing you want to do is pile the family into the car and drive for hours. Car carrier services allow you to skip the drive. Hop on a plane instead and take a nap. You’ll be there in half the time, and you’ll be rested and ready to start unpacking. 

You’re a Snowbird

Do you have a home here in New Jersey and one in Florida? Are you dreading that long drive, even though it’s only a couple of times a year? You could hire one of those services that drive your car while you fly back and forth. But do you really want a stranger driving your car? When you hire a professional car carrier service, the only driving involved is getting your vehicle on and off the carrier truck.

You Have More Than One Car

If you have more than one car and are willing to make the drive with one of them, what about the others? You don’t want to make multiple trips. Car carrier services can transport all your vehicles, and depending on how many you have, they can do it all in one trip! 

Your Kid is Going to College

Even though they have their license and can drive themselves, you’ll worry if their school is far away. They will be in unfamiliar territory, and what if they break down? You can put your kid on a plane and their vehicle on a car carrier and have them both arrive safely. 

You Own a Classic Car

Whether it’s being bought, sold, or displayed at a car show, it is best not to set out on a long drive in a classic automobile. By using car carrier services to transport a valuable classic car, you will be protecting it from all the potential hazards it could encounter on a long road trip.

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Benefits of Car Carrier Services

Skipping the drive with car carrier services provides numerous benefits.

Save Money – A long-distance drive can get pretty expensive. The cost of food, hotels, and gas can really add up. Car carrier services can be a more cost-effective way to get your vehicle to your next destination. 

Reduce Wear and Tear – Having your car professionally transported will prevent it from excessive wear and tear. It will also help protect it from dings and scratches that can happen on a long drive.

Skip the Stress – Being on the road for hours, navigating unfamiliar territory, and the potential for a breakdown in the middle of nowhere can make getting your vehicle from point A to point B a stressful experience.  More than likely, you will arrive at your destination exhausted from the drive. 

Professional Car Carrier Services

No matter what type of vehicle you own, Accurate Towing Service can transport it and save you the long drive. We provide long-distance heavy hauling and car carrier service backed by over 30 years of experience. 

So, whether it’s your primary mode of transportation or a treasured classic, we have the equipment and skill to get your car to your next destination safely. In addition to our car carrier services, we also offer all types of towing and hauling services  You can rely on our trained professionals to make sure that your vehicle arrives in the same condition as when it left. For all your towing and heavy hauling needs, contact Accurate Towing Service.