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Off-Road Recovery - Call a Towing Company That Can Handle the Job

Off Road Recovery – Call a Towing Company That Can Handle the Job

Maybe you slid on a sharp turn and ended up in a ditch or found a mud pit that was more than your ATV (all-terrain vehicle) could handle. Whatever the reason, once your vehicle is stuck off the beaten path, you’ll need off road recovery. You may think towing and off road recovery is the same thing, but that’s not true. Understanding the difference will make it easier to choose the towing company to get your vehicle safely back on solid ground.

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Towing vs Off Road Recovery

While both require skill and experience to get the job done, off road recovery can be much more challenging than towing. Standard towing usually involves towing vehicles with a mechanical breakdown or removing them from the road after an accident. 

However, depending on the severity of the accident, off-road recovery may be necessary if the impact caused one or more vehicles to leave the road and become stuck. It’s crucial for the towing company to clearly understand the situation, allowing them to arrive on the scene with the proper equipment.


Regular towing requires the use of a flatbed or hook and chain truck. The hook and chain truck is attached to the frame or axle of the vehicle. It then lifts the vehicle leaving one set of wheels on the ground. The angle of the vehicle and how it is attached to the tow truck create the potential for damage. For this reason, hook and chain trucks are normally used to tow permanently disabled vehicles as the result of an accident. Flatbed trucks are used for vehicles that have experienced mechanical failure and need repair.

While the hook and chain truck is also used in off road recovery, wheel lift and rotator trucks are often required. The wheel lift truck has a hydraulic boom with a couple of crossbars at the end. When performing a tow with a lift truck, those crossbars bars are slipped under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle, lifting one end off the ground. The type of transmission the vehicle has dictates which end is attached to the truck. The rotator tow truck is a heavy-duty truck used for the off road recovery of vehicles in hazardous situations or found upside down. It is commonly used in accidents involving large trucks or tractor-trailers.

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It takes more than special equipment to safely execute off road recovery – it takes experience. The tow truck operator must be aware of their speed throughout the process. Maintaining a slow speed puts less stress on the vehicle and reduces the risk of further damage. The operator must be confident in their ability to maneuver the tow truck in tight or hazardous terrain. 

If the recovery involves a water crossing, the operator must be able to determine if the truck can safely make it across while looking out for rocks or other debris that could damage the truck.  Speed is also an important factor during a water crossing. Entering the water too quickly can put the tow truck and its cargo at risk.

Off Road Recovery You Can Count On

At Accurate Towing Service, we offer reliable off road towing services to handle whatever situation you find yourself in. Our drivers are trained and certified in all aspects of towing and recovery and have a fleet of tow trucks at their disposal. They are ready to handle any type of tow including emergency, off road, and forensic recovery. For all your towing needs, contact Accurate Towing service. We provide exceptional service throughout Ocean, Monmouth, and Middlesex County.