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Car Won't Start? Roadside Assistance to the Rescue

Car Won’t Start? Roadside Assistance to the Rescue

Most everyone has experienced it at one time or another. You turn the key and nothing happens. This is frustrating enough if your car is in the driveway, but when a breakdown happens on the road or a parking lot, it can be scary. There you are, stranded, wondering how long before help arrives. You’ll want to contact a reliable towing company to get there fast, with experienced drivers who can access your situation and handle on-the-spot repairs. When your car won’t start, roadside assistance may be all you need to get you back on the road and on your way. 

When Roadside Assistance Works

Although there are situations where having your vehicle towed back to the shop for repairs is unavoidable, roadside assistance is an efficient and effective way to deal with minor repair issues.

Dead Battery

If your battery is old, jumping it might not be an option. However, if forgetting to turn your lights off is why the car won’t start, roadside assistance can provide the jumpstart to get your car running again. Also, when dealing with a towing company that does repairs, they may bring along a replacement battery in case the jumpstart doesn’t work. Replacing a battery is relatively simple. However, DIY car battery installation can be dangerous and result in damage. An experienced professional can handle the task safely. If they have the replacement battery on hand, you can typically avoid getting towed to the repair shop. 

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Running on Empty

Running out of gas seems like it would be easy enough to avoid, but it happens more often than you think. On average, about 800,000 people per year either get low enough on fuel to stop driving or run out of gas completely. If you are almost on “E”, you may be tempted to race to the next gas station. This will burn the fuel faster causing you to run out. As a result, the car won’t start. Roadside assistance will be necessary to refuel.

Your Car is Stuck

There are numerous reasons your car can get stuck, from bad weather to swerving to avoid something on the road. The next thing you know, you’re are stuck off the road, spinning your wheels to get out but going nowhere. You need to contact a towing company that can handle off-road recovery. Even if your car starts after getting it back on solid ground, an experienced towing operator will look for damage that may require a tow back to the repair shop. If there is no damage, roadside assistance will have you safely back on your way.

Fix a Flat Tire

With a flat tire, much like when your car won’t start, roadside assistance can be the best solution. The driver will either repair the flat tire or change it. If the tire is beyond repair and there is no spare, then towing will be your only option.

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You’re Locked Out

Whether you’ve lost your keys or locked them in the car, you’re stuck. If a spare key isn’t available, it’s time to call a towing company. Many even offer ignition key replacement in the event of a lockout situation. They will either be able to get your car open, provide a key replacement, or safely transport your car to a shop where the lockout issue can be addressed. 

Car Won’t Start – Roadside Assistance

Not all breakdowns can be resolved with roadside assistance. However, it is best to contact a towing company that provides the service and understands when it is the right solution to get you back on the road in Ocean and Monmouth County and the surrounding areas. That company is Accurate Towing Service. 

We have been serving New Jersey for over 30 years. Whether you’re in need of a tow, off-road recovery, or roadside assistance, we’ve got you covered. Give Accurate Towing a call today for reliable and experienced service.