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Mistakes to Avoid While Waiting For A Towing Company

Mistakes to Avoid While Waiting For A Towing Company

When your car breaks down and you pull over to the side of the road, you are going to need to call a towing company. If this is your first time experiencing a breakdown, you may be inclined to make some pivotal mistakes. In order to have the safest, most convenient towing experience, follow these steps and avoid missteps.

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Alert Other Drivers

When your car breaks down it is very common to think about only yourself. Between calling the towing company, worrying about what is wrong with your car, and thinking about how much everything is going to cost – you may not remember to think of other drivers. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because it leaves you vulnerable to getting into an accident. When other drivers don’t see you on the road, they may veer into the shoulder and hit your car.

When you pull into the shoulder, immediately put on your hazard lights and keep them on until the tow truck arrives. Hazard lights signal to other drivers that you are having a car problem and can make you visible in bad weather or at night. You should store orange reflective triangles or cones in your car for extra visibility. Place these around your car to stay safe and help the tow truck know where to stop.

Do Not Stand Outside The Car

When your car breaks down, your first inclination may be to stand on the side of the road outside your car. You often see this when other cars break down- but it is another big mistake. You should remain in your car and wait for the towing company to arrive unless two of the following situations occur.

If you smell something burning or suspect there may be a fire underneath your hood, you should not remain seated in the car. Also, if the roads aren’t wide and you fear that someone may crash into your car- you should get out. If you do leave the car, it is important to stay as far away from it as possible without losing sight of it. Stay out of any danger zones, and if someone asks if you need assistance, kindly refuse and tell them you are waiting for a towing company.

Don’t Forget Your Belongings

When you are waiting for a tow truck, a lot is going to be on your mind. However, it is important to pack up your belongings and bring them with you. The towing company most likely will be bringing your car to a mechanic, rather than your home. Grab your wallet, cell phone, car title, and anything else you find valuable. Don’t forget to double check!

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Obey The Law

If your car breakdown was the cause of an accident, you must remain at the scene until the authorities do their jobs. A fast towing company may arrive before the police do, but you must remain at the scene. Always notify police that you are leaving a scene of an accident, and make sure that everyone involved has exchanged information.

Call The Right Towing Company  

One of the most important things to remember when you need a tow is that you shouldn’t blindly pick a towing company. This can result in long delays and other possible misfortunes as your car is being towed. This is why you should call Accurate Towing for the very best in roadside assistance. One of their excellent services is getting your car from the side of the road to safety. When in need, contact Accurate Towing, certified experts with decades of experience will bring you where you need to go.