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New Jersey Towing: What to do When a Vehicle Rolls Over

Auto safety starts with preparation. When we go for a drive, we should always buckle up, control our speed, and watch out for other vehicles. However, sometimes things are out of our control and we end up in dangerous situations anyway. One of the scariest circumstances is when your vehicle rolls over. Luckily, preparation and knowledge can help keep you safe. Here are some tips on what to do when your vehicle rolls over and you are waiting for a New Jersey Towing company.

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During the Rollover

The first thing to know when involved in a rollover is what to do while the vehicle is beginning to tip. If you feel like your vehicle is about to roll, take your feet away from the pedals immediately. This can prevent you from suffering an ankle injury. While removing your feet from the pedals you should let go of the steering wheel and fold your arms across your chest. Do not lean forward while the vehicle rolls, as this will put you at risk for injuries.

Directly After

Once your vehicle has stopped moving, the most important thing to do is remain calm. Take a few deep breaths and start bracing yourself against the floor. Now you should check yourself and other passengers for injury. Also, inspect your hair for broken glass and debris that could cut you. Turn off your engine and begin your exit strategy.

Exiting the Vehicle

Knowing how to safely exit a flipped vehicle is very important, as this is where the majority of post-rollover injuries occur. Reach for the ceiling and brace yourself while planting your feet on the floor of the vehicle. Undo your seat belt and start heading toward the safest exit. You may need to break a window. If you do, use your feet and try to stay away from shards of glass. Once you have safely left the vehicle, assist any passengers and move to a safe distance away from the vehicle. Once everyone has exited the vehicle call the police and a New Jersey towing company.

Stay Clear of Traffic

When you exit the vehicle, you must make sure that you stay clear of traffic. If you made it through a rollover without injury, the last thing you want is for another vehicle to cause you harm when you exit. Safely move to the side of the road and stay far away from traffic.

Pre-Tow Precautions

Next, you should gather your belongings while waiting for the police and a New Jersey towing company. Make sure that you remain as visible as possible and safe on the side of the road. If you have cones or flares, set them up to alert other vehicles as well as the tow truck to your presence. At this point, you can take a sigh of relief and be thankful that everyone is alright.

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After a rollover, you are going to need a New Jersey Towing company that knows what they are doing. Accurate Towing Service is a trusted towing company that has been providing expert service for over 30 years. The staff is ASE certified and will treat your vehicle as if it was their own. Roadside assistance is just one of many services that Accurate Towing offers. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Accurate Towing is always ready to help when you are in need. If your vehicle rolls over, make sure to stay safe and contact Accurate Towing Service.