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Towing and Recovery: The Role of Forensic Recovery

Towing and Recovery: The Role of Forensic Recovery

Forensic science is the process of scientifically examining the physical evidence of a crime scene. Towing and recovery play an important role in forensic recovery when it pertains to car accidents or any crime that involves a vehicle.

Evidence cannot be mishandled or tampered with in any way before it is examined by the authorities. Otherwise, it can be deemed contaminated and unable to be used as evidence in any court proceedings. Towing services skilled in forensic recovery will use all of the proper precautions and processes necessary.

The Need for Forensic Recovery

There are a few different scenarios in which forensic recovery is required. Anytime a car is considered evidence it must be handled in the proper way. Here are a few of the incidences when forensic towing and recovery is needed:

Car Accidents

With any car accident, insurance companies need to know every detail of the crash in order to make an accurate assessment. Whether it was a one car accident or a five car accident, every car must be towed away without causing any more damage to the vehicle.

In the worst case scenario, the car must be towed after an accident for legal reasons. This happens when reckless driving and/or vehicular manslaughter takes place. Today, there are more incidences of texting and driving than ever before.

Forensic recovery allows the car to be towed away without touching anything inside, including a cell phone that may have been in us prior to the crash. At this point, the car and everything in it becomes evidence of a crime and must not be contaminated.


When a driver is arrested for a DUI, the vehicle must be towed away, unless there was another driver who could legally drive it away. If the car must be towed, it is taken to the impound lot where police can then legally search the car for additional evidence. Because of this, they need forensic recovery to preserve any evidence they might find later.

Towing and Recovery: The Role of Forensic Recovery

Drug Offenses

If drugs are suspected to be hidden somewhere in the vehicle, but they are not in plain site, forensic recovery may be required. Forensic recovery allows authorities to bring the car back to the impound lot where they can legally search the entire car for uncontaminated evidence.

Speedcrane for Towing and Recovery

The Speedcrane, otherwise known as the lift flatbed tow truck, is the tool used for forensic recovery situations. This tool allows a tow truck to vertically lift a car from the position it is in and to rotate it to rest easy on the truck’s flatbed. This allows the operator to tow a car without entering the car, dragging the car, or touching the car.

Preservation of evidence is the number one priority for forensic recovery and the Speedcrane is the best way to clear a scene without damaging evidence. With the ability to rotate up to 420 degrees, this tool can get the job done in just about any situation.

In the case of fatal accidents, the Speedcrane allows you to tow the car away without touching the car or the victim. The forensic team will then be able to give an accurate report because none of the evidence has been tampered with in any way.

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Forensic Recovery for All Situations

Before the evidence can be examined, tow truck operators must preserve it. They are essential for solving a crime involving a vehicle or even just getting to the bottom of a normal car accident. Either way, they are the first step of forensic recovery. Accurate Towing Services has the equipment and experience necessary to carefully and properly handle all of your roadside towing and recovery needs. Our heavy hauling has been providing reliable and affordable service for over 30 years. Contact us today for more information about forensic recovery.