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What is Landoll Towing? Do You Need It?

What is Landoll Towing? Do You Need It?

If you’re in the heavy hauling business, you know how challenging it can be to transport large and heavy equipment. The process of loading and unloading heavy equipment can be dangerous, time-consuming, and require extra equipment like forklifts and ramps. Fortunately, there is a specialized towing service that can make all the difference: Landoll towing.

Landoll Towing Explained

Landoll towing is a specialized towing service that uses Landoll trailers to transport oversized and over-dimensional loads. They are unique because they offer an effortless means of loading and unloading heavy equipment, which would otherwise require separate ramps or forklifts. The unique design of the Landoll trailer makes it ideal for transporting equipment that cannot be loaded onto a traditional flatbed trailer.

Landoll trailers can handle large loads up to 60 tons and nearly 12 feet high. Thanks to their superior weight distribution capacity, loads will sit stably and safely during transport. There are even different types of Landoll trailers with their own specialized functions. 

Gooseneck Trailer

One type of Landoll trailer is the detachable gooseneck trailer, featuring two or three axles. These trailers are commonly used for transporting agricultural equipment, as their detachable gooseneck makes it easy to load and unload heavy equipment. The gooseneck design allows the trailer to be lowered to the ground, enabling heavy equipment to be loaded easily onto the trailer without the need for separate ramps or forklifts. The detachable gooseneck Landoll trailers are designed to carry a wide range of agricultural equipment, including tractors, plows, and cultivators.

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Bottom-Dump Trailer

Another type of Landoll trailer is the bottom-dump trailer, equipped with a dumper, making it ideal for use in construction and mining sites. These trailers are designed to transport heavy materials like gravel, sand, and debris. The dumper feature enables the trailer to tip upwards to dump its contents easily, saving time and reducing the need for additional equipment to unload the materials. The bottom-dump trailers are available in different sizes, making them suitable for various construction and mining needs.

Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy trailers are another type of Landoll trailer that sits very low to the ground, making it easy to transport a wide range of oversized and heavy loads. These trailers can be used to move heavy machinery, forklifts, bulldozers, and even tiny houses. They have a drop deck double-level system that makes it easy to load and unload heavy equipment, and their design ensures that the equipment remains stable and secure during transport.

Benefits of Using Landoll Trailers

The primary benefit of using Landoll trailers is the ease and safety of loading and unloading heavy equipment. The trailers’ inclined angle design allows the equipment to be easily loaded onto the trailer without any risk of damage or accidents. The unique design of the Landoll trailer also ensures that your equipment stays secure during transport, reducing the risk of damage or accidents. Landoll towing is also a cost-effective option for transporting large or heavy equipment. The unique design of the Landoll trailer allows for the transport of larger loads than traditional flatbed trailers, which reduces the need for multiple trips. Additionally, the ease of loading and unloading equipment saves time and labor costs.

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Choosing the Right Landoll Towing Service

When it comes to choosing a towing service, it’s crucial to work with a company that has experience and expertise in heavy hauling. Accurate Towing Services is a reputable and reliable towing company that has been providing heavy hauling services for over three decades. We specialize in Landoll towing and have a fleet of Landoll trailers that can handle a wide range of equipment. By working with us, you can ensure that your equipment is transported safely and efficiently. Give us a call and contact us today to take a load off your shoulders; we’ll handle the heavy lifting from here.